Explore Caves at Lago Bayano

Explore Caves at Lago Bayano – $75

On the edge of the Darien Gap in the furthest corner of majestic Lago Bayano there is a hole in the earth, and those brave enough to explore are rewarded with an experience like no other.
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Join us as we plunge into the underworld in the last frontier that links Central and South America together. The adventure starts as we hike deep into the compressed coral caves. Thousands of bats rush overhead as we make our way through the caverns and pools. Water cascades from the ground above into the jurassic underworld. As we near the end of the cave light creeps in from crevasses above and the natural lost forest swimming hole greets us on the other side.
This is an experience you’ll be talking about for a lifetime.

This is adventure tourism at its best but its also truly beneficial ethnotourism. Cacique Cruiser is one of the only tour operators working side by side with the locals to ensure we protect this treasure and that everyone benefits. Our boat driver and guides come from the village and we contribute funds to the village which are used to maintain and protect the unspoiled natural enviroment. In addition upon return from the caves a delicious meal of fresh tilapia and patacones prepared by woman of the local village awaits us.

Trip Includes:
-Private Bus and Boat transport
-Fees that go to maintain the lake and local community
-Lunch (fresh fish caught on the lake that day)

US75$ per person
Disclaimer and important info
What you need to know/bring:
We depart at 8 am return at approximately 6 pm. You will need to bring: passport, shoes or sandals with straps and clothes that get wet, a set of dry clothes, sunblock and bug spray, water. We will stop at a store en route if you would like to buy water or snacks.
This is an adventure experience like no other and an opportunity to be exposed to a Panamaian culture few visitors see. Don’t be left in the dark! Ride the Chief!