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Nestled in the Panamanian Rain forest just outside El Vale, you’ll find Golden Frog Inn. This quaint, family-run villa, once the vacation home of the former Vice President of Panama,has been completely renovated into a charming country retreat. Rooms have been remodelled, a new restaurant has been built, and kitchens have been installed in some suites.

There are 3 different room types available. Lower suites are beautifully decorated in a Mediterranean style and feature a living area, queen-size bed, private bathroom with hot running water, and a private veranda. Upper suites are a little larger and built deeper into the surrounding forest. Suite #3 is Golden Frog’s largest suite. Designed with families in mind, it features a spacious living area, one queen-size bed and one full size bed. It also includes full bathroom with hot running water and private veranda. For the budget traveller, there is one smaller basic room on the main floor, which offers, screened windows, a cool breeze and full sized-bed.

You can enjoy a complimentary breakfast including fresh Panamanian coffee in your room or in the restaurant. There is a fully stocked pool-side community kitchen available to all guests and an on-premisis restaurant offers freshly prepard Panamanian cuisine. Golden Frog also offers a complementary social wine and cheese gathering every night. This is a great opportunity to meet the family and your fellow guests.

The staff at the Golden Frog Inn is always warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable about restaurants, transportation, and activities around El Vale.

If you have any questions about this hotel or things to do in and around El Vale de Anton, drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to provide you with unbiased reviews and travel advice.

El Vale de Anton Activities:

  • Bird Watching
  • Canopy Adventure Tour
  • El Nispero Zoo & Plant Nursery
  • El Valle Museum
  • Hiking
  • The India Dormida (sleeping indian girl)
  • Market
  • Golf
  • Square Trees
  • Waterfalls
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  • Rental # 1: $110/night, $575/week, $625/month. Sleeps 2
  • Rental # 2: $110/night, $575/week, $625/month. Sleeps 2
  • Rental # 3: $125/night, $650/week, $675/month. Sleeps 4
  • Room # 5: $50/night, $260/week. No kitchen in room. Free use of kitchen by pool.
  • Room # 6: $70/night, $365/week. No kitchen in room. Free use of kitchen by pool.
    NOTE: For groups or larger families, rooms # 5 & # 6 are available for an additional $40/night.