Dolphin Lodge Hotel San Blas

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Located on the uninhabited Achutupu Island, amenity packed, Dolphin Lodge is the perfect destination for the restless paradise seeker. Dolphin lodge offers 11 traditional cabanas and 3 junior suites. All accommodations have spacious rooms, private bathrooms, and electricity. The cabanas feature wood walls and concrete floors, while the suites feature thatched bamboo construction, hardwood floors, and offer spectacular ocean views. The suites also have a wardrobe, and offer a partial view of the stunning night sky from the bathroom. Both cabanas and suites offer super comfy beds, towels and full linens.

Outside of your room, you’ll find colourful hammocks strung between soaring coconut trees scattered around the grassy landscaped grounds. If you’re feeling a little more active you can join in a game of volleyball or football, explore the island, or sit back and enjoy a cold drink and warm vibes at the ocean front bar. The beach is small but offers a spot of pristine white sand for sunning, swimming, or building sand castles.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys being connected , Dolphin Lodge is the only island in San Blas that offers satellite internet.

At meal times head on over to the friendly open-air restaurant and get ready for some delicious seafood meals, including a generous portions of fish, lobster, crab, coconut rice, salad, and fresh tropical fruit.

Dolphin Island offers more tours as part of your stay than any other island in San Blas. It also offers some unique premium tours you won’t experience on any other island. Generally there are two tours offered every day.

Optional Tours(available for additional cost paid directly to your Kuna host family) :

Fishing Tours: There are two options for this tour. One method involves fishing in a Kuna sailboat, which is ideal for small fish catches. The second option involves using a motor-equipped dug out canoe and trolling deeper waters with a fishing pole. This method yields larger fish such as grouper, tuna, and the rare sawfish.

Playon Chico Tour: This cultural tour takes you to Isla Playon Chico, home to 4000 Kuna people. The culture here is different than in other areas of San Blas as the people here have embraced certain Western influences in their daily lives. You’ll also have a chance to hang-out at the local beach and go snorkeling in the surrounding crystal blue waters.

Snorkeling and Diving Tour: This tour takes you to what is arguably the best coral reef in the San Blas archipelago. Swim with fishes and enjoy the jaw-dropping living coral in these beautiful, warm, Caribbean waters.


– These tours:
Crystal clear turquoise waters, brilliant white sand beaches serve as the paradisaical backdrop for this blissful tour. Play in the sand and soak-up the sun of San Blas’ best uninhabited beaches.

Burial Sities:
Deeply spiritual, incredibly unique. Jump on board the boat and experience the ancient Kuna tradition for preparing, celebrating, and marking the passage of life to eternal rest.

This tour takes you to a beautiful estuary in the Kuna’s mainland home. Your bilingual guide will take you through the Panamanian rain forest and give you the rare opportunity to learn about the indigenous flora and fauna and observe many different birds that make their nests in this surprisingly diverse part of the world.

Culture is the cornerstone of any civilization and here in San Blas, culture runs as deep as the deepest ocean. This day tour takes you to the two of the most bustling islands where over 8000 Kuna people go about their daily business. Here you will have the opportunity to see an actively developing Kuna community, purchase inexpensive crafts or Kuna-crafted gold jewelry and experience unforgetable Kuna dancing, which invovles men and women for the whole community. You’ll even have a chance to try your hand at Kuna craft-making.

– Internal tax
– Snorkeling in the stunning coral reef
– Lodging in one of seven newly built San Blas cabañas which sit over the ocean, traditional in style but with modern comforts.

Services not included
– Alcohol, soda and snacks
– Airfare

How To Get There

To get to Dolphin Lodge we recommend you to go by air, it takes just 40 minutes for the flight from Albrook, Panama City to Achutupu or adjacent Mamitupu airport in the San Blas islands.
Right now it is not possible,or at least very difficult to make reservations through their website or their e-mail. We can assist you with the flight reservations, we only need the name of the passengers, gender and nationality. Flights usually depart from Panama City to Achutupu at 6:00 a.m. Remember to go with your passport to the Marcos A. Gelabet Airport (Albrook).
Cost of flight: $162.16 round trip per person + $20pp booking fee. Remember to make the airfare reservation a month or two in advance where possible, as availability is limited.
A scenic fifty minute flight will take you from Panama’s Albrook airport to the one for Achutupu. Upon arrival, the friendly staff will be there to greet and guide you through the wood-stick palm-roofed visitor check-in prior to boarding a motorized launch. It is a short 15 minute trip to Dolphin Lodge. As the flight left Panama early in the morning a welcoming breakfast has been prepared for you to enjoy at the ocean edge.

Achutupu is approximately half way down the Kuna Yala archipelago, the island chain stretching between Porvenir and the Colombian border.

Important Information

– You need your passport to enter the San Blas region!!

About Cancellations and Refunds:
– For all cancellations made 7 days or less prior to scheduled arrival at the lodge the cancellation charge is 100% of total reservation payment.
– For all cancellations made 8 to 15 days prior to scheduled arrival at the lodge the cancellation charge is 50% of total reservation payment.
– For all cancellations made 16 to 30 days prior to scheduled arrival at the lodge the cancellation charge is 25% of total reservation payment.
– For all cancellations made 31 days or more prior to scheduled arrival at the lodge the cancellation charge is 15% of total reservation payment.
– Uaguinega and Akwadup Lodge are not responsible for any cancellations, delays or changes by airlines affecting clients’ travel plans.

– Guests will not be reimbursed for any services they may decide not to use during their stay at Uaguinega or Akwadup Lodge. If a guest wishes to leave before the scheduled date of departure, the lodge will retain the remaining portion paid for the full reservation.

– The lodge is not responsible for any effect on reservations, or flights by national or inter- national airlines, caused by natural disasters or climate, and cannot make refunds relating to same.

Please read our San Blas island FACT SHEET before booking.

San Blas Panama Dolphin Package

Panama Travel Unlimited has put together package deals for Dolphin Lodge in the San Blas islands, Panama that cannot be beaten.

1 day/1 night

1 day/1 night

1 day/1 night



Single Room Double Room Triple Room 3 – 5 years old 6 – 11 years old
First Night $155pp $125pp $100pp $55pp $70pp
Addit. Night $143pp $113pp $90pp $55pp $70pp

– Airport Transfer San Blas – Cabins – San Blas Airport (Achutupu or adjacent Mamitupu).
– Three meals a day are offered including fresh seafood.
– 2 tours per day
– Internal tax
– Accommodation in one of seven newly built cabañas which sit over the ocean, traditional in style but with modern comforts.
Additional costs:
– Round trip flight (Albrook – Achutupu or Mamitupu) $162.16pp + $20pp booking Fee
– $10pp in San Blas Taxes (payable on arrival if asked for!).

For more information and booking