Kuna Niskua Lodge

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Kuna Niskua Hotel is simple and welcoming. Niskua means star in Kuna. Its owner is Juan Antonio Martinez, named the hotel after the beauty of the stars which reflect off the transparent waters at night.

The hotel is in the middle of Isla Wishub-Wala surrounded by a Kuna community. Kuna Niskua is best suited for people who prefer to immerse themselves more in the Kuna culture than its crystal waters, although you’ll have plenty of time to swim.

Accommodations are limited to basic private rooms. All have private bathrooms with flush toilets and running water.

On Kuna Niskua you can explore the island and learn about the community first hand. Whether you’re watching the kids play, or observing the Kuna go about their daily routine in fishing and farming, you’ll have a chance to experience a culture that has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years, but is also highly influenced by tourism and thus not quite as authentic as you might imagine. Kuna Kiskua also offers one daily trip to other islands in the San Blas archipelago for some serious swimming,snorkelling, and beach time.


– Escort to and from El Porvenir (This transportation is included in price)
– Accommodation with private bathroom
– Three basic meals (rice, beans, chicken and maybe fish)
– A daily trip to the beach and local community taxes.

Services not included
– Alcohol, water, soda and snacks

How To Get There

The road to San Blas through the densely forested jungle highlands of Panama can only be negotiated by licensed 4×4 transporters. The Kuna Yala will not allow any other vehicles to enter carrying foreigners, thus the only way to to get to Kuna Niskua Lodge is with the 4×4 vehicles that leave Panama City daily between 5am and 6am. The drive is approx 2.5hrs, depending on road and weather conditions. The 4×4 transporters can hold up to 7 passengers, it can be a squeeze at times and we advise all clients only to take a small bag containing what they need for their stay in the San Blas.

Currently El Porvenir Airport is closed for renovations and all the other airports are much further south in the island chain and cannot be used to get Kuna Niskua Hotel.

Important Information

You need your passport to enter the San Blas region!!
Please read our San Blas island FACT SHEET before booking.

San Blas Panama Kuna Niskua Lodge Package

Panama Travel Unlimited has put together package deals for Kuna Niskua Hotel in the San Blas islands, Panama that cannot be beaten.

2 day/2 night

3 day/3 night

4 day/4 night

5 day/5 night

Private Room Private Room Private Room Private Room
$260pp $360pp $460pp $560pp

– Transport (4X4) round-trip from Panama City to Carti, San Blas Panama
– Accommodation in traditional Kuna private cabanas with private bathroom at Cabanas Kuanidup
Additional costs:
– Approx $10pp in San Blas Taxes, payable on route.

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