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San Blas Island Tours

San Blas is fast becoming one of the prime destinations for travellers looking to soak up the beauty of these pristine desert islands. Panamatravelunlimited is pioneering speciality tours that will take you away from the more populated islands into some of the more remote regions that have remained unchanged for generations. These tours offer the discerning traveller the opportunity to see some of the unspoilt beauty of the San Blas Islands. Panamatravelunlimited tours are for those who want to  explore different regions within the San Blas islands as opposed to relaxing  on one island with more comfortable Hotel Accommodation.

San Blas Hotel Accommodation
The San Blas island archipelago is a true paradise of clear turquoise waters, coral reefs and stunning white sand beaches under the shadows of stooping palm trees. Hotel accommodation is generally in the form of luxurious cabanas and lodges with more rustic options being the norm.

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San Blas Islands Day Tour
For those who do not want to stay overnight in the San Blas islands Panamatravel have put together an unbeatable San Blas day tour package. The cost is $135pp which includes everything apart from some San Blas beach taxes $10-12pp. The San Blas Day Tour can be arranged at short notice for any day due to availability, we suggest you book at least a few days in advance. Transport at he San Blas leaves Panama City at 5am and you will usually be back in Panama City by 7pm.
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San Blas Camping & Homestay Tour
For those who want to explore some of the more remote Islands in the San Blas. Panamatravel have put together an unbeatable San Blas 3 day/night tour package. The cost is $240pp which includes everything apart from some San Blas beach taxes $8-10pp. The San Blas Camping & Homestay Tour can take up to 20ppl and visits the area known as the Cayos Holandeses, with some of the best snorkeling sites in the San Blas. Dolphins, Sharks and Giant Stingray are frequesntly spotted on the day trips.
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We are looking to expand the number of tours that we offer and we are happy to work with the client in organizing tailored tours for specific needs. Tours will include traditional fishing techniques, immersion into Kuna Yala culture, river expeditions into the mainland and much more.

What to expect:

The Guides in the San Blas may not be up to the standard you are used to, so please bear in mind, they might come across as being rude and disinterested and speak none if little English, this is cultural and unavoidable, that said we have done our best to ensure we use the best guides available for our tours
Remote desert islands with simple accommodation and camping

Some of the highlights of a San Blas island tour:

Cayos Holandeses – This is a remote and pristine region of the San Blas island chain. A region that is little vivited by travellers staying in hotel or cabana style accommodation. With basic lodging or  tents, Cayos Holandeses is a glimpse at the rustic lifestyle that many Kuna Yala have enjoyed for generations. Stunning coral reefs with excellent snorkeling and fishing make this the highlight of many San Blas island tours.

Please Read the San Blas Islands FACT SHEET that gives you an honest insight on how tourism works in the San Blas, Panama, and the challenges we face in making your stay as enjoyable as possible…We hope this will not put you off visiting what is one of the few remaining island paradises but clear up any misconceptions and prepare you as best we can. Have a great trip.